Twitter vs. Threads: Is Threads a Replacement for Twitter?

Differences between Twitter and Threads
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Threads, a text-based app connected to Instagram, was released by Meta on July 5, 2023. The app quickly gained popularity, amassing over 30 million users in just 24 hours. This astonishing achievement has led many to consider Threads as the “New Twitter” in the world of social media. Let’s explore the differences and similarities between the two platforms.

What are the differences between Twitter and Threads?

Here are some notable differences between both platforms:

  1. Verification: Unlike the new version of Twitter, Threads currently does not offer paid verification options. However, users with blue ticks on Instagram will retain their verification status on Threads.
  2. Post Visibility: In Threads, there is no option to exclusively view posts from accounts you follow. It also displays posts from accounts that users are not following. In contrast, Twitter only offers options to view tweets from followed accounts (following) or other users (for you).
  3. Account Deletion: Deleting a Threads profile automatically deletes your associated Instagram account. On the other hand, Twitter is not linked to any other app, allowing users to delete their Twitter profiles independently.
  4. Post Search: Threads lacks the ability to search for specific posts. The search function only enables users to find other user accounts. Instagram has plans to introduce new features that will enhance post discovery and allow users to follow topics and trends in real time.
  5. Global Availability: Threads is yet to be available in European Union countries due to the complexities associated with complying with upcoming laws. In contrast, Twitter is accessible worldwide.
  6. Platform Accessibility: Threads can only be accessed on mobile devices, while Twitter can be accessed on both mobile and desktop devices.
  7. Direct Messaging: Unlike Twitter, Threads lacks the direct messaging feature, which means users cannot send direct messages within the app.
  8. Hashtags and Trending Topics: Threads, despite being a conversational app, does not emphasize relevant topics or use hashtags. Twitter, on the other hand, is well-known for its trending topics and the use of hashtags.
  9. Photo Filters: Threads is yet to implement photo filters. In contrast, Twitter offers users a selection of nine photo filters to enhance their posts.

What are the similarities between Twitter and Threads?

Threads and Twitter are both social media platforms that allow users to share text-based posts. They have a lot in common, some similarities include:

  1. Both are social media platforms: They are both online platforms that facilitate social networking and communication among users.
  2. Text-based posts: Users on both Twitter and Threads can create and publish text-based content, sharing their thoughts, opinions, or updates with their followers.
  3. Follow other users: Both platforms have the ability for users to follow other accounts, allowing them to receive updates and see the posts from the accounts they follow.
  4. Display posts from followed accounts: On both Twitter and Threads, users see posts from the accounts they follow displayed in timelines or feeds.
  5. Like and comment feature: Users on both platforms can engage with posts by liking them to show appreciation or commenting on them to share their thoughts and start conversations.
  6. Share posts: Both Twitter and Threads allow users to share posts on other social media platforms.
  7. Both have a mobile app: Both platforms provide dedicated mobile applications that users can download and use on their smartphones for convenient access.
  8. Free to use: Users can sign up for and use both platforms without any cost.

Conclusion: Is Threads a Replacement for Twitter?

Threads and Twitter are both social media platforms that allow users to share text-based posts. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms, such as the features they offer and their global availability. Ultimately, Threads offers its own unique features and user experience, but it does not fully replace the functionality and wide-reaching nature of Twitter.

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